watchOS 10 for Apple Watch officially unveiled

Filipe Espósito is a Brazilian tech Journalist who started covering Apple news on iHelp BR with some exclusive scoops — including the reveal of the new Apple Watch Series 5 models in titanium and ceramic. Also, Control Center is now accessible using the side button, making it easy to quickly open it at any time, over any app. In the case of the Snoopy watchface, it brings Snoopy and Woodstock from the Peanuts comic strip to your wrist. The characters interact with the watch hands, react to the weather changes, and get active when the user is doing a workout. In the Health app in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, users can see valuable insights to identify what might be contributing to their state of mind — whether it’s associations or lifestyle factors, like sleep or exercise. Once beta updates have been activated, ‌watchOS 10‌ can be downloaded under the same Software Update section.
You’ll be able to take standardized assessments to see how you’re feeling and see if you should speak to someone and seek help, too. This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime. Since June 05, the time for speculations and rumors about watchOS 10 is over. At the keynote that opened WWDC 2023, Apple lifted the veil and presented us with new features for the OS of its smartwatch. We summarize for you below what is new, and we also tell you about availability and compatibility. Snoopy is an animated watch face that reflects the actual weather at your location and even your activity as you work out.

There is also a new topographic map that takes altitude into account and is initially available in the US. Sensors detect your hand movements so precisely that you can optimize your golf swing or your serve in tennis. The Health app will use depression and anxiety assessments often used by medical professionals. Additionally, the app will connect you to resources in your area and create a PDF that you can share with your doctor. The Apple Watch will expand on this information to create personalized Power Zones, a good way to increase performance. Hikers and other adventurers will notice improvements in the Compass app, including Last Cellular Connection Waypoint which estimates the last place you’ll have cell service.
A new Elevation view will use altimeter data to provide a 3D view of saved waypoints, while folks in the US will be able to access a topographic map. You’ll be able to search for trailheads and trails nearby and view details such as trail length, type and difficulty. It will feature dynamic background colors to help reflect the time of day in different time zones, which could come in handy when you have friends, family or colleagues in different parts of the world. With a curated series of tiles featuring selected apps, users will be able to swipe through a smart stack to view the latest information they’d want to see quickly. This means you could use a watch face that has less complications, theoretically. With watchOS 10, Apple is going to make it even easier for Apple Watch users to quickly access information besides what time it is.
We’re looking for features which didn’t appear in the watchOS 9 update, and which seem to be egregiously missing from the Apple Watch. Apple says the new wearable OS will feature a new layout for consuming information, new widgets, and a comprehensive overhaul of some major apps — notably including the Weather app. Widgets will be a main focus of watchOS 10, with Apple to bring back an interface that is similar to the “Glances” view that was used for prior versions of watchOS.

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